About Rivendell Academy
Rivendell Academy
Contact: Admissions
36 Scarsdale Road,
North York ,  ON

Telephone: 416-385-9685

Website: www.owlwise.com

About Rivendell Academy

RLC is located on 50 acres along 2,000 feet of Lake Rosseau shoreline. The campus is set in a pristine natural landscape that provides a distinct natural living and educational experience. This rural environment set us apart and augments the programming we offer to students. Studying ecosystems of the lake, the campus pond and forest takes on a whole new meaning when it is located in your backyard.   

Building confidence and emphasizing rigour, our academic program is different. We recognize that we live in a rapidly changing world and feel strongly education should reflect the modern reality. Building on success of the past, we believe teaching and learning is not limited to a singular approach, but should reflect student interest and learning preference. This is best done by identifying student learning styles, and connecting learning with authentic, real–world tasks and challenges that place emphasis on sustainability, problem solving and entrepreneurial skills.

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